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The normal maintenance of the crusher machine is very necessary, you want to save the cost of maintenance and the situation in the case of lower production losses toward the best, resulting in the existence and creation of long time service from the crusher. Like an expert breaking mechanism, we have many broken machines can be accessed, plus some of the maintenance of the lips.First, you need to constantly think about some important details, while operating a crushing machine, like horsepower, volume, as well as crushing pressure. Improper operation may lead to overload. In addition, it is suggested that the consideration of the kind of rock.

maintenance of the crusher machine

  1. Prevention, prediction and maintenance are essential. As preventive maintenance, to undertake the maintenance manual is very important. Some key factors, such as the lining board and other components, are frequently appeared in the operation condition. It requires predictive maintenance, which means you need to monitor sand to create a computer state, although it is in normal work. Predictive maintenance tools is essential, including oil temperature gauge, oil pressure indicator, lubricating oil filter position indicator device, lubricating oil evaluation, crusher drive motor ammeter and daily operation of crushing machine table. With the help of these energy tools, it is easy to find the case of abnormal operation, which is conducive to maintenance. No maintenance, once it happens, because the crusher is not normal. This means you have to maintain it, because the machine is currently damaged. We recommend this maintenance can be avoided.
  2. You can test to analyze the actual trigger damage. This is a cost-effective, in the long run, because it can absolutely avoid duplication from the same problem. In addition, this technique can help you predict the possibility of problems in order to ensure that you can only use the time ahead of effective measures. For real trigger analysis, some useful methods and tools are recommended, such as collecting data, checking the operator's ability and understanding, checking machine and finished products, machine positioning, character strength, maintenance process, etc.
  3. Give consideration to the workers' coaching. because a large number of employees are due to improper operation. When new technology is introduced, workers should be organized by the coach of the group. Training can help employees improve their work efficiency and reduce unnecessary events. Often practice workers are fully effective, so it should be around the agenda of the company by the company.

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