Artificial Sand Making Process

Our company continues to do the sand making machine equipment in China has achieved a considerable share of the domestic market has a great progress. In the sand pot the fantastic overall performance, so that we have won the trust of customers and praise all over the world. Chinese sand production machinery plays an example of ore mining, cement production in many areas, refractory, bauxite clinker, corundum, glass, artificial building sand a significant role, together with other metallurgical stones.We believe that to meet the needs of customers to show the exquisite product quality, complete product types and excellent after-sales service, the purchase of service concept, and to show them the results of our independent innovation.

Application of sand making machine in construction industry

Generally used for mechanism of sand production of raw ore is mostly a little hard limestone, granite, basalt, gravel, pebbles and other ore materials, and the processing of these materials production we need to use the production line to complete. In general, a production line by a lot of crusher equipment, material conveying equipment and material screening equipment, including the above introduction of the broken machine is broken, and the sand equipment is broken, the broken pieces of material to enter into the next crusher in the transmission, that is, the belt conveyor belt machine is the main material transmission equipment, in the production of sand production, because different construction industry in the grain size of the material is not the same, so that the sand material is also through the screening, to get the granularity of different materials, and then these sand can be used for building construction.

Application of sand making machine in the gravel production line

Artificial aggregate is the mechanism of sand production mechanism sand, according to different particle size and different amount of mixed. Like the building with sand and gravel aggregate, for different parts of the fineness of the fineness of different, this also the aggregate into coarse aggregate and fine aggregate two kinds, coarse aggregate gravel particle size between 4.75 mm to 9 mm, and fine aggregate sand grain size is 0.15 mm to 4.75 mm, so the size of the grain size, also need to use in the production of sand production line, in order to screen different particle size of sand for different industrial uses.

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