Advantages Of Roll Crusher

Advantages of roll crusher is ore processing, such as the need for grinding superfine grinding equipment, often and ore deal of equipment damage is very serious, so the daily grind and, grinding ring wear are very normal. In the daily production, feed must be uniform, do not cause the machine to plug the situation, the mill plug the case, it is easy to cause damage to the motor.Mill equipment accessories include many kinds, such as grinding and grinding ring, blade, plum frame, filter, muffler and so on. Each is essential, the most easy to wear is grinding and grinding ring, how to correctly use and protection of grinding and grinding ring? How to wear the ring in the case of roller mill damage to the right to install it?

How to tear down the serious wear roller?

We first to teach you how to put serious wear of the grinding roller removed, first remove the to Raymond Mill on the left side of the fuselage of the door cover, a triangular belt, flat belt and fast and shaft of double pulley, and remove the body on the right side of the gear box and the size of the gear; to remove the spring strut assembly, take down the mill gate, remove right and left, front and back fill blocks and four bearing seat assembly. At this point you can gently remove the grinding roller by the door.

Installation of roll crusher

The next step is to put our new purchase of mill roller is installed on the, the new grinding roller device before and after use should carefully check the connection bolt and nut plug is loosening, the grease is added enough. In the process of replacing the bearing to pay attention to the most important thing is bearing in the sand or other impurities, which will affect the normal operation of the bearing, but also to make the use of grinding roller greatly reduced, this is to pay special attention to.

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