VSI Sand Making Machine

VSI sand making machine is currently the exclusive production with the world's advanced level of high performance of sand blasting equipment, developed by our company's latest product shaping machine set crushing and reshaping and single function of shaping in one, in the field of engineering of water conservancy and hydroelectric power, high grade highway, high-speed railway, bridges, buildings with sand production and stone plastic, construction aggregate, fabrics, cement concrete aggregate production, mining areas of grinding ore before fine crushing process, power metallurgy industry of sulfur removal, steel slag, broken environmental protection projects of the device of choice.For different materials, different purposes, by changing the material and core structure of the broken cavity can be realized in the basis of ensuring the grain size of the gravel can also greatly improve the output, reduce operating costs.

Application of VSI sand making machine in the field of concrete

The mechanism of sand production is very common in the construction of concrete fine aggregate, and the standard of the finished product is perfect. At present, its use in the field of concrete, not limited to the construction industry, has been expanded from the construction industry to highway, railway, water and electricity, metallurgy and other industries. From masonry mortar to ordinary concrete, reinforced concrete, prestressed concrete, pumping concrete, air tightness concrete and other projects.

Advantages of sand making machine for concrete field

  1. New dual-purpose powder tray, fast implementation Center for materials and waterfall falls to feed conversion, reduce down time to adjust and improve the efficiency.
  2. The optimal launch port and internal more smooth curve design, reduce the flow resistance of the material, greatly improve the ability of the material;
  3. Machine key parts of the use of first-class alloy material, bearing selection of Japan, Sweden, the United States and other international leading brands, with a high degree of protection of the motor, the use of Japan's imports of hydraulic cap.
  4. The hydraulic device is used to automatically open the cover, easy to remove upper cover, reduce labor intensity, even if only one person can easily replace the rotor and its accessories, convenient maintenance, improve the use efficiency;
  5. Anti leakage device with the world's advanced light oil, remove oil seal replacement trouble. Oil lubrication system can effectively heat, prolong the service life of the bearing;
  6. Products of excellent grain shape, the size of a cube, the content of the needle is very low, the bulk density, iron pollution is small, suitable for the aggregate, artificial sand and high grade highway aggregate production.

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