Used Fxed Stone Crusher

Stone crusher equipment widely demanded in the railway, highway, energy, cement, chemical broken ore, at the same time, other industries. The size of the row material is changed frequently, and the change of the size of the material is broken. Stone crusher uses a new concept of crushing technology and innovative design and style principle, fully meet the variety of material specifications of the broken also to the new technology to "more than a significant number of small grinding. The machine not only has a significant crushing rate, fine grain size and uniform items, but the unit energy consumption is low is suitable for any difficult parts of the fragile parts of several of the requirements of the broken supplies humidity, the corresponding aircraft design and unique style of production to ensure maintenance and maintenance cost reduction.

Features About Stone Crusher

  1. Basic structure, small size, light weight, remarkable ability, low production cost, high material feeding, crushing chamber and high hardness component;
  2. Ore cross joint surface is broken, for this reason, there is significantly less energy consumption and efficiency;
  3. The crushing rate is 40, which simplifies the crushing method, and reduces the price tag of your concentrated gear;
  4. The space between the counter plate and the plate hammer is likely to be rigid, and the shape of the particles with a higher size of the discharge can be effectively manipulated;
  5. High chromium plate hammer has a strong influence, strong wear resistance and great impact on the pressure;
  6. No key connection, so that maintenance is simple, economical and reliable;
  7. Full function, high production efficiency, small mechanical wear, high value-added benefits;
  8. Impact crusher includes: a selective crushing effect, in addition to the method of crushing the grain size is fairly uniform, generally used in order to increase the quality of the bridge, the high speed of the streets, the terminal and the international airport.

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