Gravel Crushers To Buy

Gravel crushers to buy can be used to create artificial sand from the stone, the river. It includes vibrating feeder, jaw crusher, vertical shaft impact crusher, vibrating screen, sand washing machine, belt conveyor concentrated control system, and so on. The ability to develop from 50 tons / h to 500 tons / hour. After a period of research, we have developed a world wide range of vertical shaft impact crusher, you can use and many other devices like a total production line of sand. This style is a function of the same industry in the same industry.In the use of sand making equipment, proper maintenance and maintenance is indispensable, which not only has a great impact on its service life, but also has a great influence on its use.

Maintenance of gravel crushers

  1. First, users need to regularly stop to open the door, in order to observe the internal wear of the sand machine, the center of the feed pipe, cone cap, the impeller, the lower flow channel lining board, circular plate, wear block wear degree. In internal wear is not easy to be found, it is easy to overlook, but the internal wear and tear is very important. So, after examination, found that wear, should be replaced or repaired, the replacement of wear block to ensure that the same weight of the same block.
  2. Secondly, gravel crushers by Mobil car grease super or 3# lithium grease, so, in its every 4 hours later, to join the right amount of grease; after 2000 hours of work, is to turn on the spindle assembly, cleaning of bearings; after 72 hours of work, to replace new bearing, so as to avoid the occurrence of bearing damage, the impact of the work. Because the device belongs to the high-speed production equipment, special attention should be paid to the safety production in operation. The personnel should be far from the equipment, if need to be on the machine repair should be carried out after the shutdown.
  3. In the end, the tension force of the belt should be adjusted to ensure the uniform of the triangle tape. Also adjust to make the difference between two motor current does not exceed 15A. Adjustment work on the sand making machine is also essential, the work of the state will have an impact, so, it is necessary to seriously implement.

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